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MMA and Your Safety!

. This is a hazardous substance when used on nails. It has been banned for use on nails by the FDA for over 25 years now because it is so hazardous to use.Some people have permanent nail loss from the use of this chemical. Others have had serious internal injuries and illnesses from a reaction to MMA
The 2 types of acrylic liquid monomer chemical used in our industry are:
-EMA - Ethyl Methacrylate (safe)
-MMA - Methyl Methacrylate. (not safe)
The CIR (Cosmetic Review Board) has tested the more commonly used EMA liquid and found it "safe enough to be used by the consumer" but recommend it to be used by trained professionals.
MMA is a very hard substance when cured. Removal and maintenance of a MMA enhancement by a un-trained technician can be dangerous and harmful to the natural nail plate. Some clients get 'Hot rings' - this is done when the technician drill excessively on the nail plate, sometimes THROUGH the nail plate into the nail bed (sometimes this causes permanent damage).
MMA doesn't soak off as easy as an EMA acrylic does. Most NON-satndard salons will use an extra nail tip and put it between the natural nail and acrylic and pop it off instead. OUCH! Imagine how many layers of your nail just went with it?
The only reason the discount salons use MMA is because it is so cheap to buy compared to what they are should to be using.
-A gallon of MMA liquid costs about $15-$25.
-A gallon of FDA approved, and safe monomer liquid costs an average of about $225 a gallon.
So how can you tell if your Tech is using MMA?
1). Usually a Lower price.
2). Tech uses a mask while applying
3). They don't soak off as fast as standard acrylics(so they PRY them off with another nail tip)
4). The cloudy milky white color.
5). Un-labeled containers.
-The last sign in the list above is the most important indicator. Nail technicians who come across artificial nails made with MMA-containing ingredients are usually surprised to hear how difficult it is to remove the product. The only way to remove the products is by filing with a very coarse abrasive or drills, which usually results in further damage to the client's nail plates and nail beds.
So make sure your salon is MMA FREE.
Don't forget to tell your friends too.