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   It's so exciting to be able to offer this new service at the salon! With the latest advanced  technology, this award winning formulation will treat damaged nails. IBX System toughens the nail plate by fusing together the upper layers, providing strength and protection. This is a universal product the can be used under a gel polish service  to protect your natural nail  or  with a regular manicure.

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Summertime Pedicure

Enjoy a relaxing pedicure and get those toes ready for those jazzy summer sandals.

FEATURED in NAILS Magazine......

                        These are the nails that I did and they were featured in NAILS Magazine. I just loved the Tiffany blue color and created it with two colors of CND Shellac Hybrid Nail colors, Hotski to Tchotchke and Azure Wish.   Always cool to see your work published! 

Crazy FUN WITH NAILNATION3000!!! Here we go......

Head of The Family, Nella Famiglia, Awesome Sauce, So Guess What
With a Minx overlay. With all that shimmer showing through.

Here I wanted to show some of the colors to give an idea of what they look like with a  silver design on top.   For this look I used the NAILNATION3000 colors, Head of The Family, Nella Famiglia, Awesome Sauce and So Guess What. You can really see all the glimmer and shimmer showing through.
I wanted to do a fast simple flower nail art (just used a dotting tool) for this look. I didn't have my complete set of art brushes for anything detailed, (Yes I left them at work) so don't pick on me for my lack of Monet painting abilities!! Lol.   I used, Awesome Sauce (base) Inner Light, Head of the Family,What lies Beneath and So Guess What.

After seeing those silver french nails all over Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook,   I just had to try to replicate them  but with a bit of color change.   I used, Silver Lining for the base and a silver chrome color that I had at home, for the tips.   Maybe  I will try it again with a matte top coat to the base color prior to applying the chrome tips, or use the color, What Lies Beneath for the base...  Okay that will be another nail art fun day!

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****Silver Lining****

       A Silvery grey color.   This one has more blue tones added to it and  glistens in the sunlight from deep within.   
                                  A great color for sure. 
       A creamy opaque polish that goes on like a dream. Don't forget to work somewhat quickly due to the dry time.
 **Okay... I did test these with a timer and (doing one hand) it dried in 5 minutes to the touch and 8-9 minutes to completely dry.  I love how the NailNation3000 brand goes on without a lasting tacky feel like most polishes do.  It has a slick smooth finish so you are sure not to mash those beauties when you are done.  Plus, who has time to sit and wait??  I also polished for this photo shoot a few minutes prior to my client coming in..... Nada!!  No smudges! 



**Nella Famiglia**


           I feel right at home with the Famiglia.  With a warm silvery taupe, this color  has the right touch to catch your eye.  I love how, 'Nella Famiglia',  has a  silver sheen in natural lighting which is from the blue/green holo's inside.  Then, in the sunlight, it picks up all the holo's, but with more of a  taupe color.   Do I see hints of warm pink too?   When they come all together, this  color is Bellissiomo!   All this Italian talk is getting me hungry. Biscotti anyone?

                                            ~ Application~
  This goes on as a light sheer color that you can use 2 or three coats, depending on the depth an opacity that you want to achieve. I love this color and so did my clients.  Another must have in my kit!

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Nailnation3000 ~ What Lies Beneath

 How about a little mystery?  With this color....
                                 **   What Lies Beneath ***

The name of this polish makes me recall that movie with the same name, starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford.  It's a suspenseful horror film uncovering secrets from the past in the depths of the ominous silvery lake. 
  Although this is not so scary, it does have some hidden specks that come popping out at you from beneath.  This color is a grey that has just enough purple tones without over doing it.  No                                                                        Lies about that!
  Great opacity that goes on with a smooth finish and also fast drying.  Can't go wrong here.


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More NailNation3000 ~'Head Of The Family'

        ......more NAILNATION3000 colors.
(Thanks for being so patient. I had to take care of my patient at home.  All is good and healing well.
      Now mom can play.He he..)
                                      ****  HEAD OF THE FAMILY****

This color is a beautiful royal blue with its Holo hues. It has a radiant sheen in natural light and glows in the outdoors.  Above photos (top row) pictures in sunlight. Bottom photo is natural lighting.  I have some clients waiting for this one!! 
When applying the deeper pigments, and the fact that this brand dries quickly,  I recommend using ample amount of polish on the brush with long firm strokes. I have to add that, Nailnation3000, does not have a tackiness  after complete application. -gotta love that!   

    ~ I am also going to time the dry time with this line... I promise! ~
*******Stay tuned for my  final post. I am going to play with some of the colors  that I've used for NailNation3000. 
You won't want to miss it. 

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More NailNation 3000 Polishes~ 'Awesome Sauce' and 'So Guess What'

~Awesome Sauce~
You are not seeing things.... this is the same color....
...different lighting

Awesome sauce is one Awesome color, for sure!
The color is so super amazing.  It shifts from a coral with golden pink hues to a rusty orange copper, depending on the lighting.  This is definitely a must have in any nail kit.  I could not stop looking at this one.   It seems metallic at times and does not stop glowing no matter what light you are in. This color would work for every season, with its warm undertones of a rusty copper hue and then illuminating golden pink tones for spring and summer.  My clients are going to love this one for sure!
 Awesome Sauce is  just   Totally Awesome!  Ha, I had to do it !! 

Again, this also went on smooth and easy.  No streaking and the dry time is still amazing!   I really am amazed on just how quick NailNation3000 dries.  I am STILL TRYING to mess them up after 2 coats, before I put on my top coat.
I used 2 coats of Awesome Sauce and 1 coat of  Diamond Dry top coat- still no base coat was needed for my acrylic nails.   I always recommend using a base coat for natural nails though. 

~So Guess What~ #203
Hey... So guess what I have?.. .. A delicate lavender lilac.  'So Guess What' is  a soft pinkish lavender that really packs a punch.  Illuminating a rainbow of holo hues, this is one pretty color.
  In the light it looks like Lame' fabric ( a silk like luminous material) with its shimmery glow.

           This goes on a bit sheerer then the previous opaque colors.  For a lighter delicate color, use 2 coats and 3 coats for a deeper tone.
          Okay, I am really going to time these nails to get a more accurate dry time for you.   All I know is that I am really impressed... and so are my clients.