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More NailNation3000 ~'Head Of The Family'

        ......more NAILNATION3000 colors.
(Thanks for being so patient. I had to take care of my patient at home.  All is good and healing well.
      Now mom can play.He he..)
                                      ****  HEAD OF THE FAMILY****

This color is a beautiful royal blue with its Holo hues. It has a radiant sheen in natural light and glows in the outdoors.  Above photos (top row) pictures in sunlight. Bottom photo is natural lighting.  I have some clients waiting for this one!! 
When applying the deeper pigments, and the fact that this brand dries quickly,  I recommend using ample amount of polish on the brush with long firm strokes. I have to add that, Nailnation3000, does not have a tackiness  after complete application. -gotta love that!   

    ~ I am also going to time the dry time with this line... I promise! ~
*******Stay tuned for my  final post. I am going to play with some of the colors  that I've used for NailNation3000. 
You won't want to miss it. 

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