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Hot Lips! Glitzy and Violent

Violent Lips
Check out these 'Hot Lips'.  I first was introduced to Glitzy Lips at the Orlando Premiere show. It is a fun shiny lip application that will have your lips be the talk of the party and the application lasts for 8 hours or so. While you are 'Glitzed' you  just have to be consious and not lick your lips.  Well, as time would tell,  there is  another product to follow in their footsteps.  These 'lip tatoos', as they call it, are called Violent Lips by Sugar factory. This design is called Candy Dots and they sell for $16 for 3 and last four to eight hours and even through kisses.
I think Glitzy Lips and the New Violent Lips are a  type of lip application would be great for a fun event, photo op, or costume event. How Fun!

Glitzy Lips