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Newest Trend ..... Gel Nail Lacquer. It last for weeks!

Clients keep coming in for the newest trend in nails- Gel nail Lacquer. Since this product first launched at the end of'09, I had to have it! . Clients are really thrilled that their nail color stays on for 3 weeks - even up to 4 weeks. Soon I will be attending the Premiere Orlando International Beauty Show in June and I can't wait to see more. At the show I will be looking at the Gel lacquer companies who are waiting to launch their line at the show. Even though I am VERY happy with the line I am currently using, it won't hurt to look at the others.
At the salon I am handing out a $5 discount coupon when you refer a friend and you will also get the same discount on your next visit. It is a great service and you leave with color on your nails without smudging and it last for weeks. How great is that?

This was after 4 weeks. Color choice: Not Really a Waitress.
(I already removed the polish she applied to cover the 4 week nail growth).
This was the clients next color choice: Bubble Bath