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Now that you want to get your feet ready for those sexy summer shoes, you will want to have your feet looking smooth and callous free. This Glysolid treatment will do just that. A few ways to help to get ready for those  strappy sandals are to apply the Glysolid cream to your heals, cuticles and toes and cover with socks. This can be done at night or  what I like to do is apply before I go  exercising so when I get back from the gym my feet are nice and soft. 
Moisturising Skin Care that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Absorbed immediately by the skin, Glysolid® supplies high quality essential fatty acids and moisturisers. Glysolid® contains Allantoin to aid the repair of skin tissue for healthier looking skin and glycerine to smooth and protect from dehydration.
Glysolid® is excellent for sensitive skin being pH neutral and formulated without preservatives colours or fragrances.